Criteria for Competitive Swim Team

There are five age groups in our league. They are:

  • 8 and Under
  • 10 and Under
  • 12 and Under
  • 14 and Under
  • 18 and Under

The age of the swimmer for the entire season is determined by the swimmer’s age as of June 1.  Swimmers must be registered with a team and rostered with the league to be eligible to swim in a meet.

Swimmers cannot swim in another summer league.

To ensure swimmers will have a positive and productive swim experience at 9 Oaks, the swimmers in each age group need to meet the following criteria:

  • 8 & Under 
    – Perform a legal dive from the side of the pool
    – Legally swim one length of the pool (25m) in under 1 minute, without stopping, in two competitive strokes

    If your 8 & Under swimmer is not quite ready for a competitive swim team, please check out our Li’l Gators team pre-competitive swim team below.

  • 10 & Under
    – Perform a legal dive from the side of the pool/block
    – Legally swim 50m free in under 1 minute 15 seconds
    – Legally swim 25m of two competitive strokes

  • 11 & 12
    – Perform a legal dive from the block
    – Legally swim 50 free in under 1 minute 10 seconds with a legal flip turn
    – Legally swim two competitive strokes

  • 13 & 14
    – Perform a legal dive from the block
    – Swim two of the four strokes, legally
    – Legal flip turn

  • 15 and over
    – Perform a legal dive from the block
    – Legally swim two competitive strokes
    – Legal flip turn

Li’l Gators

Li'l Gators

Li’l Gators is our NEW pre-competitive swim team, although you do not need to commit to swimming on the team after enrolling in this program. This pre-swim team is for children who can already demonstrate rudimentary front crawl and back stroke on their own. They will be practicing these strokes as well as learning the basics of breast stroke and butterfly.

This is not a beginner swim class. Children who join Li’l Gators must be able to swim on their own with their face in the water and not be afraid of swimming in the deep end of the pool.

9 Oaks Swim Club will be offering swim lessons for different levels of beginner swimmers throughout the summer if your child is not ready for Li’l Gators. There’s a way for everyone to have fun at 9 Oaks.

Li’l Gators will swim freestyle at all home meets. Go to the Registration menu when you’re ready to sign up for fun this summer.