Registration for the summer of 2020 has been postponed due to COVID-19. We will be sending out updates about registration and the summer season over the coming weeks. Please stay tuned and stay healthy!

Welcome Back to the 2020 Summer Swim Season!

The 9 Oaks Gators is a competitive summer swim team and is a member of the Tri-County Swim League. Our focus is on developing and improving the skills and abilities of all participants aged 6-18 with an emphasis on spirited competition, teamwork, and most importantly, having fun.  To avoid overcrowding at practice, we are CAPPING OUR REGISTRATION AT 200 SWIMMERS.

Our 2020 summer swim season will run from May 26th to July 22nd. Practices are daily, and there are typically 1-2 evening swim meets per week beginning the week of June 20th.

COMPETITIVE SWIM TEAM: We welcome swimmers of all abilities. However, all swimmers 8 and under must be able to swim one length of the pool without stopping in under 1 minute, and kids 9 and older must be able to swim 2 lengths of the pool without stopping to be a part of the team. Please see our Swim Team Criteria for further details.

LI’L GATORS: If your swimmer isn’t ready for the competitive swim team just yet, check out our pre-competitive swim team, Li’l Gators.

Because of COVID-19, we are delaying REGISTRATION for this season.  We will be sending updates via email and posting them here on the website.

Important 2020 Dates At-a-Glance

Here are some important dates for swim families for the summer swim season. These dates are subject to change based on our community response to COVID-19 :

May 26th:  Happy Swim Season!  Afternoon practice begins.

June 15th:  Mock meet time trials for 12U and Swim Families’ meet and greet

June 15th:  Morning and evening practices begin.

June 20th:  Baker Park “Out of School Into the Pool” Invitational.

June 23rd:  First dual meet of the season HOME vs Baker Park and PICTURE DAY.

July 9th:  SENIOR NIGHT…last home meet

July 11th:  North End “Swim Your Age” Invitational.

July 18th:  Senior Champs @ Upper Perk

July 19th:  End-of-Season Celebration

July 20th:  “A” Champs at Hillside

July 21st:  “B” Champs at North End

Click here for our full summer schedule.

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